CapMan launches CapMan for Good Foundation to fight inequality

October 23, 2019

This year, 30 years have passed since CapMan was founded. In honour and to commemorate CapMan’s legacy, CapMan has established a foundation called CapMan for Good, which aims for a broader group of people to reach the prerequisites of a decent life. CapMan for Good works independently and coordinates all charitable activities of CapMan.

The purpose of CapMan for Good is to support entrepreneurship, education and other activities in order to increase well-being in disadvantaged parts of society. Through its operations, the foundation promotes the prerequisites of a healthy society. The foundation operates mainly in the Nordic countries but may also act globally. The foundation implements its purpose by supporting activities and by completing projects that directly improve the well-being of the recipient for the good of the overall society.

“CapMan’s existence has been defined by the way we interact with society beyond business transactions. Now well-being is increasingly more unequally divided in the society and this disadvantage is amplified in socioeconomic segments that have a harder time to become part of the labour market or may become homeless, or those who have a higher risk of dropping out from basic education. Corporate networks have an increasingly larger impact and enable us to directly make a difference to the environment, where we operate. This is why we wanted to establish a foundation that supports entrepreneurship and education to commemorate our 30 years in business”, says Joakim Frimodig, CapMan’s CEO and the Chairman of the Board of CapMan for Good.