Mentoring brings people together to share and grow – Mentorship program 2023 has started

September 21, 2023

CapMan for Good’s Mentorship program is running and it’s autumn kick off was held in Helsinki in September. There are five mentoring pairs in the program this year. Kick off was a great success and a perfect place to share thoughts and learn new. 

“If one has two ears, a mouth and heart and head on their places, they can be a perfect mentor” summed up kick off’s keynote speaker Niina Pitkänen of Suomen Mentorit (Finnish Mentors) the role of a mentor. 

Mentoring is about sharing skills, knowledge and expertise between a mentor and mentee through developmental conversations, experience sharing. It’s a learning relationship in which both parties can grow. 

One of the mentees in the program is Markus Ollikainen of Suomen Ullakkotilat. 

“My mentor really listens and helps me to find ideas from within myself that I have not realised before. It’s important to have such a relationship that is empathic and communication that works both ways. With my mentor, we have created a companionship, and we can trust each other”, Ollikainen said. 

CapMan for Good Mentorship program is for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs at heart. Program helps entrepreneurs and companies to find their path and to solve bottle necks for growth – both of the entrepreneur and their company. Each mentor-mentee relationship is unique. The relationship is based on confidentiality and meant to be a process of learning together in order to help the growth of both the mentee and the mentor.  

Mentorship program is one of the ways CapMan for Good works in the society. The foundation is about giving CapMan’s peoples’ knowledge and energy to the world.