Tuomo Raasio

Tuomo Raasio is a founding member of CapMan Buyout as of 1988 and served as the Head of CapMan Buyout for several years until 2010. He has actively contributed to the development of working methods, agreements and various investment instruments currently widely used in the Finnish private equity industry. After a career with CapMan spanning three decades, Tuomo holds several board positions in both commercial operations and NGOs and actively supports businesses and entrepreneurs in a Finland. He is a staunch advocate for responsible investment and business practices and considers that transparency and openness in operations go a long way in improving stakeholder relations across the spectrum. He has worked with household names such as Tokmanni, DEN Group and Lumene, to name a few.

Petri Saavalainen

Petri Saavalainen has worked with CapMan since 1995 until 2019 in various investment teams and most recently as Senior Partner heading the Russia team. Throughout his career, he has been involved in every aspect of the investment process, i.e. sourcing and analyzing investment opportunities, negotiating and executing investments, developing portfolio companies, managed exit processes and made investment and exit decisions as part of the investment committee.

Ari Tolppanen

Ari Tolppanen has 30 years of experience in private equity. Tolppanen is one of the founders of CapMan and acted as the CEO of CapMan during 1989–2005. He was also the Chairman of the European Venture Capital Association (EVCA) in 2000– 2001. During 2005–2010, Tolppanen was the Chairman of CapMan Plc’s Board of Directors. Previously, Tolppanen was the CEO of Huurre Oy and before that the CEO of Nordfilm Oy. His scale-ups include Kämp Collection Hotels and Nice Entertainment Group.