Meet the 2021 class of CapMan Mentees (and possibly tomorrow's champions)!

April 6, 2021

CapMan for Good has selected eight businesses and entrepreneurs for the first edition of the CapMan Mentors mentorship programme. CapMan Mentors helps companies find their path and to solve bottlenecks for growth. We hope that the programme will offer both mentors and mentees unique, maybe even game-changing, insights.   

The mentor–mentee pairs will set an agenda for their joint journey and follow it through meetings and discussions. Each mentor – mentee relationship is unique and there are different ways to meet the programme objective.

Meet the Mentee Companies for 2021!

All these companies are backed by passionate entrepreneurs and offer interesting niche products and services with growth potential and we look forward to supporting them on their path.

Peili Vision Oy

Peili Vision is a pioneer of neurorehabilitation. The company utilizes virtual reality (VR), improves the work of rehabilitation professionals, and provides solutions to the lack of resources in the field.

Ethic Design Oy

The company arranges flower clubs around Finland. Flower clubs are a new concept that brings flowers to where you are. The flower ambassador brings all the required materials on-site and participants can relax and enjoy the flowers.

ArtKoti Oy

The online platform of ArtKoti connects local artists with local businesses and rental apartments. Artist rent their artworks to the local companies and receive regular income. They also display copies of their works at local rental apartments, where their original works are promoted for sale.

 LVS Brokers Oy

LVS Brokers provides AI-based brokering connecting banks, lenders & insurers to consumers. We partner with banks and creditors to offer consumers leading brokering technology, in finance, insurance and electricity.

Gigarator Oy

The traditional way to recruit the ideal candidate is through posting a job. Gigarator turns this around by sending assignments. The assignments serve as tests that every university student can apply for through the Gigarator website.


Weekendbee is a sustainable sportswear e-retailer. The foundation of the business is cooperation with brands that have sustainability as one of their core values. In addition to showcasing products on our website, we demonstrate the sustainability criteria and certificates that influence our selection process.   

Oy Wynn Ab

Through our company Wynn, we produce a podcast called Leadcast, in which we interview business professionals, influencers and entrepreneurs in Finland about their career paths and leadership philosophy.   


We offer especially seniors an easy way to obtain working devices for all their digital needs, combined with fast and reliable digital support at home as well as remotely.