Apply to CapMan’s Mentorship Programme

CapMan Mentors helps companies find their path and to solve bottlenecks for growth. Merited and experienced private equity professionals who are part of the CapMan for Good Foundation have helped building successful businesses for more than 30 years. Now they open up their toolboxes and networks in order to develop small and entrepreneurial but ambitious businesses. The program is tailored based on the selected entrepreneurs’ needs.

You can be a young entrepreneur trying out your wings or an already seasoned entrepreneur in need of new ideas and energy to take your business to the next level. The most important thing is that your business makes a positive contribution to the society either through its products or services, by offering employment opportunities or its mission.

Apply to the mentorship programme by completing this form. Please note that the more thorough your application is, the better our seasoned private equity professionals can offer their support. The first mentorship programme commenced in 2021 and application for the next programme opens again in 2022.

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