When you need a hand
to drive change.

About the foundation

Our vision is to create overall well-being among individuals, enterprises and society

Nordic society is safe, reliable, and well-educated. There’s a good foundation in place for success on both an individual and an entrepreneurial level. 

However, many people do fall outside the net. People can face individual or societal challenges that can set them on the wrong path, or prevent their ability to develop. Not being able to get proper guidance or resources at the right time may have long-term consequences. 

In addition to being an individual tragedy, these circumstances can have negative implications for the prosperity of society as a whole. CapMan for Good wants to actively drive change that helps people and society to reach their full potential. 


To positively impact education, entrepreneurship, and health & well-being, especially in disadvantaged parts of society.

The purpose of CapMan for Good is to support entrepreneurship, education and other activities in order to increase well-being in parts of society that require support. Through its operations, the foundation promotes the prerequisites of a healthy society. The foundation operates mainly in the Nordic countries but  may also act globally.

Sometimes, people need a hand to reach their full potential.

What we do

Practical strengthening of Nordic societal structures through support for education, entrepreneurship and activity.

The CapMan for Good Foundation supports causes and projects that work to improve the well-being of people and society.

Whether it be donating educational materials to schools or mentoring entrepreneurs having an immigrant background, CapMan for Good wants to drive change for the better.

CapMan for Good is a community-driven foundation and we work together with our employees and networks to achieve our goals. Our activities are focused on three types:  

Projects and campaigns

The foundation organises and coordinates projects and campaigns involving CapMan staff and other stakeholders. Activities may also be organised as pro-bono work or involve sharing of know-how and best practices to benefit the causes.

Organisational support

CapMan for Good provides financial support to existing organisations and foundations that, through their own activities, promote the purpose and values of CapMan for Good.

Information and insights

The foundation may cooperate with primary schools and higher-level education to build awareness about entrepreneurship and the opportunities it holds for individuals and society.